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Advanced Aerobatics


$61.50      Weight: 1.30 Lbs.
In this lesson by lesson guide, sequential cockpit view photographs and sophisticated computer graphics provide an effective primer on 20 advanced aerobatic manuvres. Also covered are the effects of aerobatics on the human body, training regimens to enhance performance and more.
By Geza Szurovy & Mike Goulian. Soft cover 230 pages.

Aerobatics Principles & Practice


$38.50      Weight: 0.90 Lbs.
An introduction to the theory and practice of manuvring flight. It explains simply and clearly the forces and moments affecting the aircraft and its controls. Includes a suggested program for your aerobatic endorsement, including briefings.
By David Robson. Soft cover.

Basic Aerobatics


$58.50      Weight: 1.30 Lbs.
Aerobatic champion Mike Goulian discusses a number of manuvres including loops, slow rolls, cuban eights, inverted flight and many more with illustrated diagrams and inflight photos. The theory and practice of aerobatics are also explained.
By Geza Szurovy & Mike Goulian. Soft cover 250 pages.

Helicopters Will Take You Anywhere


$77.00      Weight: 1.30 Lbs.
A manual for Helicopter Pilots. This unique book not only explains the practical side of helicopter aerodynamics, it is one of the very few books that tells you how you should conduct many of the normal and emergency procedures - and gives reasons why you should be doing it that way. It is written in the plain, easy to understand language of an experienced flight instructor, with excellent colour illustrations to make them much easier to understand. Written by Ron Newman, of Professional Helicopter Services Pty. Ltd.; a pilot with over 17,000 helicopter hours including more than 7,000 instructional hours. By Ron Newman. Soft Cover 200 pages.

Principles of Helicopter Flight


$55.00      Weight: 1.50 Lbs.
This book explains the complexities of helicopter flight in clear, easy-to-grasp terms, covering helicopter aerodynamics and operations in a building-block manner of teaching. Examines rotor stalls, mast bumping, wind effect and much more. By W J Wagtendonk. Soft cover 270 pages.

Rotary Wing Flight


$33.00      Weight: 0.90 Lbs.
A reprint of a US Army FM 1-51 manual on helicopter flight edited and adapted for civilian helicopter students. An excellent text on the principles and mechanics of rotary wing flight along with a good glossary of terms and words for primary flight training. By Nicholas Ean. Soft cover.

Rotorcraft Flying Handbook


$42.90      Weight: 1.10 Lbs.
A new manual produced by the US FAA for both helicopters & gyroplanes. This is an expanded manual updated and illustrated in colour. It replaces the previous FAA publication. Basic Helicopter Handbook. By US FAA. Soft cover.

The Helicopter Pilot's Manual - Vol 1


$66.00      Weight: 0.90 Lbs.
Vol 1

The Helicopter Pilot's Manual - Vol 2


$66.00      Weight: 0.70 Lbs.
Vol 2

The Pilot Guide - Robinson R22 Helicopter


$29.70      Weight: 0.40 Lbs.
This guide covers the principal characteristics and the fundamentals of flying the Robinson R22 helicopter. Subjects covered in detail include an overall description of the aircraft, limitations, handling characteristics, and loading/performance data. All the information is gleaned from flying experiences by experts in the industry, and is presented in an easy-to-read format. An invaluable companion to the machines flight manual. By John Swan.
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