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SkySupply's Custom Kneeboard


$80.00      Weight: 0.40 Lbs.

SkySupply's Custom Kneeboard.

This is the perfect kneeboard for your every day flying needs. This board has more than enough pockets and clips to hold all of your cross country nav requirements, but compact enough to fit into any aircraft. It is securely fastened in position by a soft Velcro strap. This knee board is made in Australia exclusively for SkySupply and is of

Folding Aluminium Lapboard


$54.50      Weight: 0.70 Lbs.
This 23 x 41 cm flying desk has 2 large clips to hold in-flight necessities such as charts, flightlogs, and approach plates. The brushed aluminium lapboard folds in half when less space is needed and for convenient storage. Foam strips on the back keep the lapboard comfortably in place.

The Pilot Guide - Robinson R22 Helicopter


$29.70      Weight: 0.40 Lbs.
This guide covers the principal characteristics and the fundamentals of flying the Robinson R22 helicopter. Subjects covered in detail include an overall description of the aircraft, limitations, handling characteristics, and loading/performance data. All the information is gleaned from flying experiences by experts in the industry, and is presented in an easy-to-read format. An invaluable companion to the machines flight manual. By John Swan.

Desk Alarm Clock - Altimeter


$49.50   $43.50      Weight: 0.50 Lbs.

A quality

David Clark H10-13.4 Dual GA Plugs


$599.00   $575.00      Weight: 6.60 Lbs.

David Clark H10-13.4 Dual GA Plugs

The H10-13.4 is David Clarks biggest selling headset. This would be by far the most popular and successful headset ever built. There is not an airport in the world you will not find a pilot wearing these.

SkySupply carries a large range of spare parts for all David Clark Headsets. Follow this link to a parts breakdown and the wiring schematic for the H10-13.4:

David Clark's No. 1 selling headset !!!!


  • Super Soft, Double Foam Head Pad
  • New Comfort gel, undercut ear seals
  • Certified Noise Reduction Rating - 23 dB
  • Reduced headband force
  • Universal Flex Boom for perfect microphone placement
  • Exclusive M-7A, the most advanced noise-cancelling microphone available
  • Low-profile volume control knob with detent settings
  • Molded cord assembly made to exceptional pull and flex standards
  • 5-year Guarantee
  • FAA TSO Approved C57 Cat. B and C58a
  • Exceeds RTCA/DO-214 Standards
  • Weight (without cord assembly): 16.5 oz

Technical Specifications:

  • Earphone Type - Dynamic
  • Earphone Impedance - 150 ohms (300 ohms each wired in parallel)
  • Earphone Sensitivity - 90 dB SPL on flat plate coupler, re 1mW input at 1 KHz
  • Earphone Frequency Response - 200 - 5500 Hz
  • Earphone Plug - PJ-055 (0.25" phone plug)
  • Boom Type - Universal Flex
  • Headpad Hardware - Supersoft double foam headpad with light weight hardware
  • Noise Canceling Mic - M-7A Amplified Electret
  • Mic Impedance - 50 ohms +/- 20%
  • Mic Sensitivity - 400mV RMS +/-6db into 150 ohm load at 1kHz for 11dB SPL input
  • Mic Frequency Response - 300Hz-3.5KHz per RTCA DO 214
  • Mic Plug - PJ-068 (0.206" phone plug)
  • Cord - 5 foot straight cord
  • Weight Headset Only - 16.5 oz

Backed by David Clarks renowned 5 year warranty fully supported by SkySupply in Australia.

Aviation Monopoly Game


$79.50      Weight: 2.20 Lbs.

U.S. Air Force Edition Monopoly Board Game

You've been appointed a Joint Force Air Component Commander and must assemble your assets to deploy and fight the enemy. As you accumulate Aerospace Expeditionary Squadrons and Wings, remember the words of the Air Force Chief of Staff, "Victory belongs to those who can most quickly collect intelligence, communicate information and bring capabilities to bear against targets around the globe." The heart of your combat capability is the development of your airmen. Integrate your operations and maximize your combat capability by owning the means to deploy, sustain, employ, and re-deploy your Total Force team of active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and Air Force civilians. Remember, the goal is complete air and space dominance!

This special edition has been flight-tested to ensure it passes even the toughest evaluator! Hold commander's calls, reflect on the bravery of historical Air Force figures, and admire the newest technologies. Comes complete with 6 custom pewter tokens such as a Satellite, Air Traffic Control Tower, the B-2, the F/A-22, the UAV, and the C-17. This game will be a hit with Air Force members and their families and friends around the world! Ages 8+ 2-6 players.

The traditional property trading game Monopoly by Parker Brothers with a unique aviation twist. A must for aviation enthusiasts, Century of Flight replaces the traditional Community Chest and Chance cards with Props and Jets Cards, Custom Title Deed Cards feature significant aircraft from the last century, you buy Hangars and Airports instead of the classic Hotels and Houses.

Warning: Small Parts/Choking Hazard - Not for children ages 3 and under or any child who may swallow small objects!"

Helicopters Will Take You Anywhere


$77.00      Weight: 1.30 Lbs.
A manual for Helicopter Pilots. This unique book not only explains the practical side of helicopter aerodynamics, it is one of the very few books that tells you how you should conduct many of the normal and emergency procedures - and gives reasons why you should be doing it that way. It is written in the plain, easy to understand language of an experienced flight instructor, with excellent colour illustrations to make them much easier to understand. Written by Ron Newman, of Professional Helicopter Services Pty. Ltd.; a pilot with over 17,000 helicopter hours including more than 7,000 instructional hours. By Ron Newman. Soft Cover 200 pages.

David Clark H10-13X ENC Dual GA Plugs


$1,150.00   $995.00      Weight: 6.60 Lbs.

David Clark H10-13X ENC with Dual GA Plugs

The H10-13X is based on David Clark's top selling H10-13.4 headset. This is the most popular ENC headset on the market today and backed by David Clarks 5 year warranty (in Australia repair) how can you possibly go wrong.

ENC (Electronic Noise Cancelling) technology reduces the noise levels an amazing 17 to 22 dB over and above the already excellent noise reduction ratings of the standard headset.

The H10-13X is ideal for blocking out the drone of low frequency sound. In addition there is a switch to select stereo mode if your aircraft is fitted with a stereo intercom.

Combine this with the soft air-flow pillow pad and gel filled ear seals, you not only have excellent noise reduction but also one of the most comfortable headsets on the market.

The H10-13X is identical to the H10-13XL in both performance and comfort. The difference is at the battery pack. The H10-13XL has quick disconnect fittings here on the cables to allow use with a permanent panel module and also to allow the ability to change the general aviation dual plugs to the single helicopter plug. The H10-13X cables are permanently attached to its battery pack.

SkySupply carries a large range of spare parts for all David Clark Headsets. Follow this link to a parts breakdown and the wiring schematic for the H10-13X:

Pin - Airbus A320


$13.50      Weight: 0.10 Lbs.

Pin - Airbus A320

The A320 is, today, one of Airbus' best-selling aircraft and many passenger and cargo format variations are in service worldwide. Launched in 1984 as a short/medium haul transport, the A320 was the first commercial aircraft to feature 'fly-by-wire' controls. It was the first all new design in its category in 30 years and provided better efficiency and performance and greater passenger comfort.

Wear with pride! Our Pins are superb miniatures, finished with 22 carat gold plate and fitted with an elegant clutch. Supplied individually boxed.

SkySupply's Custom Flight bag


$80.00      Weight: 2.50 Lbs.

This is the perfect flight bag for your every day flying needs. This bag is large enough to fit all of your cross country nav requirements, but compact enough to fit into any aircraft. This flight bag is made in Australia exclusively for SkySupply and is of