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Altronics Electret Mic for Flex Boom Headsets


$57.50      Weight: 0.10 Lbs.

Altronics Electret Mic for

Altronics Electret Mic for Wire Boom Headsets


$68.50      Weight: 0.10 Lbs.

Altronics Electret Mic for Wire Boom

This is a genuine electret microphone to suit the wire boom Altronics Headsets. They are easily changed by loosening the two top connector screws and removing the screw that holds the mic on the wire boom. No soldering is required and the only tools needed are small screw drivers. If your transmissions are poor or you are suffering bad feedback when you transmit, it is

Altronics Headset Earphone Speaker - Left or Right Ear


$19.50      Weight: 0.20 Lbs.

Altronics Headset Earphone Speaker

This is a genuine Altronice earphone speaker used in all Altronic Headsets except for the ANR models. These are soldered in place so soldering equipment and skills are required to fit.

Altronics Headset Head Pad


$14.75      Weight: 0.30 Lbs.

Altronics Headset Head Pad

Is your Altronics head pad tired and worn out. Here is a genuine Altronics head pad ready to slide onto the top bar of your headsets. Suits all models and is easily fitted.

Altronics Headset Lead "Y" Junction


$4.25      Weight: 0.10 Lbs.

Altronics Headset Lead "Y" Junction

This is the junction box where the 2 plug leads connect with the main lead up to the ear cups. This kit includes both halves of the "Y" junction box as well as the 4 screws that hold it all together. This box suits all Altronic Headset models.

Altronics Headset Mic Lead


$9.50      Weight: 0.10 Lbs.

Altronics Headset Mic Lead

This is a genuine Altronics headset mic lead. It suits both the wire and flex boom models. Soldering skills and equipment are needed to fit this lead. It is supplied as photographed complete with the 2 pin plug.

Altronics Large Foam Ear Filter


$7.50      Weight: 0.10 Lbs.


Altronics Plugs Y & Main Lead Assembly


$61.50      Weight: 1.00 Lbs.

Altronics Plugs Y & Main Lead Assembly

These are genuine Altronics lead assemblies. This lead is complete from the plugs, through the "Y" junction box and are ready to solder into the dome. This assembly consists of ALT70E, ALT70F, Alt70AB and ALT70D all assembled and ready to fit. If you plugs and main leads are a mess this is the perfect way to fix them.

The lead has to be soldered into the LH ear dome so soldering equipment and skills will be required to fit this. This suits all Altronics headsets with the exception of the ANR models.

Altronics Small Foam Ear Filter


$6.25      Weight: 0.10 Lbs.

Altronics Small Foam Ear Filter

This is



$25.25      Weight: 1.10 Lbs.

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