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Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators


$44.00      Weight: 2.20 Lbs.
Presents the elements of applied aerodynamics and aeronautical engineering which relate directly to the problems of flying operations. Written for U.S. Naval Aviators, it makes easy and excellent reading for all pilots.
By H H Hurt Jr. Soft cover 416 pages.

Aiming High


$29.95      Weight: 1.10 Lbs.

Growing up in country Australia, and after years of below-average school results, Jon Johanson was told by career advisers that he would achieve little.

But Jon has gone on to become the holder of over thirty world aviation records.

Air Crashes - What went Wrong


$41.95      Weight: 0.60 Lbs.

Air Crashes - What went Wrong, Why and What can be done about it.

What went wrong, why, and what can be done about it -- this book examines aviation accidents so readers can avoid repeating them.

While no form of transportation is risk-free, Richard Collins finds there are more opportunities to manage risks in aviation than in any other area.

From a lifetime of aviation experience Dick Collins examines the whole aviation accident scene - major airlines, business and private flying - to determine the risk factor and what is being done about it.

Air Crashes makes a

Air Sick Bag


$1.25      Weight: 0.10 Lbs.
'Sic-Sac'. For when the going gets too rough (for pilot or passenger) this large airsick bag is sanitised, can be sealed and comes in it's own envelope.
Always have one handy!

Air Tattoo " World's Largest Military Airshow!" DVD


$39.50   $19.75      Weight: 0.20 Lbs.
Air Tattoo " World's Largest Military Airshow!"

-Exclusive: Military B1, B52, F15-16, Eurofighter
-Includes: Amazing Static Display
-Includes: Aerial Displays UK Red Arrows!
-Includes: Aerial Display Italian
-Includes: Aerial Display Spanish
-Includes: Aerial Display French

Experience a wide range of aerobatic teams to individual performances representing over 60 years of aviation power - don?t miss the world?s largest military airshow!

In the Great UK lies one of the Great Military Air Shows - the"World's Largest Military Air Show" at RAF Fairford outside London. From the amazing aerial display teams from the UK - Spain - and Italy to individual great performances by Air Forces around the world - see military power up close! B1 - B52 - dozens of historical fighters like the Spitfire to classic jets like the Hawker Hunter to ultra-modern Eurofighter Typhoon fill the amazing skies! Experience the world?s largest military display with Airutopia.

Follow aviation in the Great UK - Follow military power -follow SkySupply!

Airbus 380 - The first year


$39.50   $19.75      Weight: 0.20 Lbs.
Follow the world's largest airliner from its birthplace in Toulouse to the first public appearance at the world famous Paris Air Show and beyond.

Airbus A380 - Super Jumbo of the 21st Century


$49.99   $38.00      Weight: 2.60 Lbs.

Airbus A380: Superjumbo of the 21st Century

Aircraft Accident Analysis - Final Reports


$92.50      Weight: 1.50 Lbs.

Culled from the final reports issued by military & foreign government investigations, as well as additional research, this book tells the true tales of doomed flights that have shaken the world.

By James M Walters & Robert L Sumwalt III.

Aircraft Fuel Tester - Cup Type


$17.60      Weight: 0.20 Lbs.

Aircraft Fuel Tester - Cup Type

Protect yourself from fuel contamination by visually checking the fuel for water and debris. Clear cup with a reinforced steel pin that works with most aircraft. This is the style of fuel drain preferred by many Cessna owners and Pilots.

Measures 2-1/2" high x 1-3/4" diameter.

Lifetime warranty.

Aircraft Fuel Tester - Screwdriver Type, 4" Bowl


$17.60      Weight: 0.20 Lbs.

Aircraft Fuel Tester - Screwdriver Type, 4" Bowl

Fits most quick drain valves & has an adaptor for recessed drains. The transparent cylinder is 4" long and comes with a scale and instructions on the side for measuring the alchohol percentage in mogas fuel. Also included is a screwdriver blade with both Phillips & slotted heads.