The only flight planner that allows you to point-and-click on the official Airservices Australia's maps to plan flights!

·        AirNav VFR is the ultimate Australian PC flight Planner for both VFR and IFR pilots.

·        It allows you to plan your flights on digitised versions of the official Airservices maps and print them out.

·        Just click-and-point on the map to enter your route. AirNav VFR calculates all your flight plan details. All times, speeds, headings, fuel, wind/drift, radio and NavAid frequencies, etc.

·        Then it prints your plan, your route, your fuel, your maps (with the route shown of course), your schedule with all your flight notes, including all radio frequencies automatically generated.

·        Then you can either load your AirNav route into your GPS or activate AirNav's optional GPS in-flight Moving map feature.

·        Purchase only the map packs you need, and you can also subscribe to the 6 monthly update service to ensure you have the latest maps.