Welcome to Sky Supply

Welcome to SkySupply.

Hoping each and everyone of you have had a wonderful holiday season. To welcome you into the new year we have reduced the prices on a large number of our general interest aviation books by up to 50%. Most of these titles are in limited numbers so its first in best dressed as once they run out we can no longer get stock.

The Australian to US exchange rate is working against pilots and aircraft owners at the moment, however we have been still been able to lower the prices of our full range of the "top of the line" David Clark headsets even further. These are for the professional pilot who will accept nothing but the best, and at our current pricing represent truly excellent value. As with all of our products a full in Australia warranty applies and as you would expect from a company such as David Clark, it is for a full 5 years. We also carry a full stock of all consumable items for these headsets as well as a large range of spare parts.i

For the cooks amongst us have a look at our ever growing range of cookie cutters, cake tins anchocolate moulds, all with a unique aviation theme. You will certainly make some tasty treats that will be the highlight of the next fly-in or coffee break in the hanger. The kids simply love the aeroplane cakes from our high quality cake tin.

Boy do we have some good news for you if you are in the market for a new headset. We are offering an absolute bargain basement price on our entry level Altronic's headsets at the moment, due to a bulk purchase we recently made. These headsets will not remain at this price for long, as once this stock has sold they have to revert to normal pricing, so now is the time to buy. Perfect to start your training with, or absolutely ideal for passengers or the weekend flyer.

We have also lowered our prices on our Icom transceiver range this month. And then just to make the choice harder Vertex have added new models to our range. Lots of choices in the communications product line.

You will see we have continued to add a large number of new gold pins and models into stock over the last few months. These are proving to be very popular and the best news is there are still more new designs are on their way.

We have decided to continue running our promotion on our large range of Air Utopia of DVD's. We will be giving a full 50% off on all of their titles whilst stocks last. Time to stock up for some quality viewing over the winter months.

Also if you have a look through our extensive range of books you will see a large number of new titles. Book titles are something that unfortunately change regularly, as publishers are tending to do shorter and shorter print runs nowadays, so if you like it, you need to consider purchasing it, or it may be out of print by the time you visit us next.

Sander Vandeth's very successful and informative book "A Pilots Safe Guide To Flying" is a title every pilot needs to take the time to read. Sander is still running his promotion for the next few months on this book and with every copy purchased you will receive a free copy of his hand book "178 seconds" both of which are publications not to be missed.

Free Call from within Australia: 1800 636 707. 0900-2000 AEST 7 Days per week. (Overseas Customers please see Shipping & Returns)

Happy and safe Flying,
Liz Holt


Product of the Week

SkySupply's Custom Flight bag


$80.00      Weight: 2.50 Lbs.

This is the perfect flight bag for your every day flying needs. This bag is large enough to fit all of your cross country nav requirements, but compact enough to fit into any aircraft. This flight bag is made in Australia exclusively for SkySupply and is of

SkySupply's Custom Kneeboard


$80.00      Weight: 0.40 Lbs.

SkySupply's Custom Kneeboard.

This is the perfect kneeboard for your every day flying needs. This board has more than enough pockets and clips to hold all of your cross country nav requirements, but compact enough to fit into any aircraft. It is securely fastened in position by a soft Velcro strap. This knee board is made in Australia exclusively for SkySupply and is of